Curing the Slice

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Curing the Slice

Having trouble with the slice? Here is a 30 second drill that you can do at home or on the range that can help overcome the dreaded score killer.

The Symptoms: For a right handed player the ball may or may not start on line and proceeds to take a 40 to 50 yard turn to the right putting your ball directly into a water hazard or out of bounds. These shots tend to travel on a high trajectory with and excessive amount of distance loss.

The Cause: Insufficient closing or rotation of the club through impact. The face of the golf club is left open or right of the swing path creating excessive left to right spin. This propels the ball off line and up.

The Cure: The easiest way to cure the slice is to understand that the club must rotate to an open position in the backswing. Once the downswing starts the club will then rotate through impact, to a slightly closed or square position on the follow through.

The Drill: To get the feeling of rotation through impact grab your 7 iron and take a normal golf stance. Split your grip like you would that of a hockey stick with the lower hand being noticeably separated from the other. Then take your normal swing.

You should feel the lower hand turn more overtop, and that the rotation will have to come from the forearm, not a flip of the wrist. This is proper sensation of rotating the clubface through impact. Do this drill in between practice shots to help turn the ball left, and dismiss thoughts of the slice forever.

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