Golf Strength Training

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Golf Strength Training

If you want hit the ball further, if you want play the game free of pain – following a golf strength training program should be high on your agenda. Every level of player wants to add 30-50 yards to their drives. Every golfer wants to start and finish each 18 holes without the all-too-common aches and twinges. But few golfers consider it important to condition themselves physically. And if they do consider it, it’s a passing thought never to be acted on. 

Perhaps the old myth still persists – that all forms strength training results in bulky, tight muscles with limited range of movement. Not true. It takes a very specific type of weight training (plus diet) to bulk up – something we’ll steer well clear of. Or maybe it’s because physical make-up never relates to a person’s handicap. Golf is played by such a wide range of people… from 8 years old to 80, overweight, thin, tall, short, fit and unfit… and they all compete on a level playing field.Yet with the right conditioning program everyone of those players would improve their game.

If you’re new to the game, following a golf strength training program will give you a solid and well-balanced base on which to build the fundamentals of a good swing. If you’re a seasoned low-handicapper, strength conditioning can certainly give you a significant competitive edge and lower your handicap still further. If youth is still on your side – start a golf strength training program now and you can build a healthy, balanced body that stays free of chronic back pain, frozen shoulders and golfers elbow. And for the more senior players – it’s never too late to redress the physical imbalances that have occurred through years of playing (and too many indulgences at the 19th hole!).

In this article we’ll cover some of the basics of a good golf strength training program. Then at the end we’ll move on to a sample golf weight training regimen that has helped many golfers improve their game.


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