Titleist Tips: Check the Path of Your Putting Stroke

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When practicing your putting, do you like to use training aids that give you start line feedback? While these training aids can provide a lot of benefit to your putting and confidence while putting, it’s essential that in addition to the start line, you also check the spin of the ball as it travels down the line. For instance, even if your putter face is square at impact, your stroke could be creating side spin that could eventually cause your ball to stray from its line. To check, you can mark a ball with a line or color half of the ball with a sharpie. If your ball travels to the hole in a spiraling motion, there is a good chance that the putt was well struck and will continue down its line. If your ball starts to wobble, this is an indication to work on your putter path, in addition to its relation to the face of your putting stroke at impact.