Titleist Tips: Short-Sided Bunker Shot

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Knowing where to miss shots is a critical part of every player’s strategy heading into The Masters. Depending on pin locations at Augusta National, there are a number of spots around the greens from which it is simply impossible to get up and down. At Augusta it’s often easier to be 100 feet away from the hole and under it than 10 feet away and above it. “Redbud”, the 16th hole at Augusta National, is a great example. When the pin location is right on this 170-yard par-3, a miss into the bunkers right of the green can spell disaster. Splash out just a hair too aggressively and the ball can roll 60-70 feet away from the cup, leaving a very difficult two-putt to salvage bogey. We are only human, though, so what can you do when you make that inevitable mistake and leave yourself a short-sided bunker shot? Fortunately for us, Titleist staff member Cameron McCormick has a solution - a “dead-handed bunker shot” as he calls it, that will help you loft it softly with a lot of spin the next time you find yourself beached on the wrong side of the cup. To bring your game from good to great, and from great to world-class, be sure to check out the instructional programs Cameron has to offer at https://altusperformance.com/.