Titleist Tips: Front Loft Wedge Shot

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The Masters places a premium on approach play. Because the effective landing areas are so small on the greens at Augusta National, players have to be incredibly precise with their irons. And when they’re not, their golf ball is frequently destined for a long, tortuous roll down and over the false front of the green and back down the fairway. “Juniper”, the 6th hole at Augusta National, provides a great example of how well the course employs slope and green contour as a defense. When the pin location is back right on this downhill, 180-yard par-3, players have to land a mid-iron shot inside an area the size of a picnic table. If they come up short, the ball will hit a steep slope and roll all the way off the front of the green to a collection area that presents a similar challenge the the one they just faced on the tee. The show must go on, as they say, so what will players at The Masters do, and what can you do when you make that inevitable mistake and leave yourself a long pitch shot to a pin on a shelf? Fortunately for us, Titleist staff member Cameron McCormick has a solution for flying the ball a sufficient distance, with a good deal spin, to make short work of this situation. Cameron calls this technique “Front Loft”. Give it a try the next time you face a tucked pin, on a plateu that’s guarded by a severe slope. To bring your game from good to great, and from great to world-class, be sure to check out the instructional programs Cameron has to offer at https://altusperformance.com/.