The Fitting Room EP.98: New JAWS Wedges with Roger Cleveland

AJ is joined in studio today by two Callaway celebrities, Dave Neville and Roger Cleveland, to talk about the brand new JAWS wedges. The successor to the MD4 wedges, the new JAWS wedges come with the most aggressive groove in golf. The guys breakdown what's new and different about these wedges and how they will improve your game. Other Topics Include: (4:01) The Story of JAWS (5:19) Let's Talk Bounce (8:41) The Grind Breakdown (15:36) Picking the Correct Bunker Club (17:18) How Turf Conditions affect Your Wedges (19:23) AJ gets verbally fit by Roger Cleveland (27:42) Tips for a Proper Wedge Fitting (29:05) Quick JAWS Recap