A Masterful Friday Morning Ship Show

Jeff, AJ and Chad are all in studio for a special Friday edition of the ShipShow to chat about the best thing about the tournament (you'll probably all agree), our winning call suggestions for Nantz, best thing we've each bought from the Augusta gift shop, listener voicemails and more. Call the ShipShow Hotline: 760-804-4653 Email us: [email protected] ______ Listen to new episodes of the Shipshow Podcast with Jeff Neubarth and AJ Voelpel every Tuesday and Thursday as the boys take you inside the outgoing marketing department of Callaway HQ. The two introduce new characters regularly, spar with special guests and occasionally say things they're definitely not supposed to. Subscribe on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/callaway-podcasts/id686017329?mt=2 Subscribe on Spotify: spotify:show:07CUAVkYHNRioWcNEb9LB3