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Continental Breakfast:fresh baked muffins, croissants, banana bread, and fresh fruit.

           Served with coffee, tea and juice                                                                           

Breakfast To Go:bacon and egger, fresh baked muffin, and coffee or juice                      

Breakfast Buffet:bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, pancakes, breakfast potatoes, and fresh fruit. Served with juice and coffee                       



Lunch To Go:your choice of sandwiches, chips or chocolate bar, fresh fruit, and bottled water

Burger Buffet:5oz prime rib burgers with all the toppings, served with a choice of salad, French fries, and sautéed onions                                                                                     

Soup & Salad & Sandwich Buffet:a selection of assorted sandwiches served with your choice of soup, and your choice of salad                                                                       

BBQ Pulled Pork Buffet:in-house smoked pork with whiskey bbq sauce and sesame seed buns served your choice of salad, and French fries                                                            

Pizza Buffet:built to your specifications                      

Pasta Buffet:Home-made Beef Lasagne plus another choice of pasta noodle and sauce. Served with garlic toast and Parmesan Cheese                                                                 

Sauce: carbonara, Bolognese, primavera, chicken and mushroom, Gigi

Noodle: penne, pappardelle, fettuccini                                                           



All dinner options include:  Fresh dinner rolls

Choice of 2 salads – Caesar, pasta, spinach, garden, or coleslaw

Choice of 1 starch –baby roasted potato, baked potato mashed potato and gravy, or basmati rice pilaf

Chef's choice of seasonal vegetables

Choice of 1 dessert – assorted dainties, seasonal fruit crumble, or chocolate mousse tarts        


Chicken and Ribs:smoked chicken pieces and slow-cooked ribs in our whiskey bbq sauce

Roast Beef:slow roasted inside round with classic pan gravy                     

Prime Rib:pepper and herb crusted prime rib with au jus                           

Steak Buffet:aged AAA beef grilled to perfection                  6oz Sirloin      

                                                                                                10oz NY         

Roasted Whole Suckling Pig:Hawaiian style served with caramelized root vegetable and sweet potato    

Ukrainian Buffet:homemade cabbage rolls, cheddar perogies with fried onions, Bratwurst sausage         with sour kraut, and steamed corn on the cob                          

Our chefs are capable of creating any special requests outside our banquet menu

Costs will be determined based on market prices